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05. Stakeholder


Social dialogue plays a significant role in developing joint strategies by the social partners to improve utility services, with the common goal of extending access to services to all communities, enhancing efficiency of delivery and reviewing tariffs and other sources of income collection.

We Deliver

Employee Education, Coaching and Support

As we partner with clients for solutions delivery, we integrated coaching in our solutions to transfer skills and knowledge. Our aim is to build capacity within our client’s environment, such that when we complete our project, there is no dependency on our consultants. Ensuring that client employees get the chance to gain insights, skills and knowledge ensure that we leave a legacy of competence that sustains the performance of the utility. We achieve this through our PMO processes and capacity. Where necessary we offer coaching across the management levels. Ensuring that leaders are able to lead the project during execution and post our departure.

Social Marketing Support

Creating customer awareness and participation

Managing customer expectations

Community and customer engagement

Internal Communications Management

Social Media Management

Public Relations Management

Integrated Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Content Generation and Management

Reputation Management

Media Relations