We are a consulting firm with a mission to power Africa’s sector with top-level expertise and innovation by bridging the industry’s skills gap.

The race to plug the talent deficiency left by retiring experts and upskill new entrants is a complex, yet common one. As seasoned utility operators retire, power utilities increasingly find themselves without the critical skills necessary to support their operational requirements. Our urgent focus on developing graduates and prolonging the lifespan of longstanding experts, positions us as a unique consulting partner in the space.

Utilities (electricity and water) are essential services that play a vital role in economic and social development. Quality utilities are a prerequisite for effective poverty eradication. Governments are ultimately responsible for ensuring reliable universal access of service under local regulatory frameworks.

We help Africa’s power providers meet the demands of tomorrow and deliver clean, sustainable energy using our expertise, solutions and technology.

Activating African talent through expert collaboration

Our delivery strategy of pairing seasoned experts with graduates, means that we are able to leverage active and retired experts’ competency to build and support skills development among youth.

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Rationale for our model

Compounded with rapid market changes, utilities find themselves in a capability and capacity conundrum, where they lack the critical skills to manage the business of today while ensuring sustainable supply of electricity to customers, and having the skills required to chart roadmaps for the business of tomorrow.

The utility business of tomorrow requires integrative thinking to understand the evolution of power systems, changing regulatory environment, evolving customer needs, emergence of smart operating systems, the need for integrated renewable energy and the pressures of universal access to clean affordable energy.

The power sector is transforming at a rapid rate with new value chains emerging. Most critically, there is a growing demand for power utilities to position themselves as enablers of universal access to power on the continent through innovative business models.


for efficient project delivery.