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02. Revenue


Our services help utilities companies achieve financial stability. We help organizations maintain healthy operations, collect cash and optimise resources in line with prescribed governance rules and structures.

Our expertise enables the adoption of universal access to services for communities and business alike.

Challenges utility companies face


• Inefficient / unreliable business processes

• Inefficient structure – doesn’t support losses management

• Insufficient knowledge, skills & capacity

• Inadequate discipline in business process adherence

• Leadership inadequacies

• High staff turnover

• Ageing infrastructure (metering)

• Inadequate technology management

• Inability of systems to enable proactivity

• Lack of data integrity

• Non-existent legal framework

• Poor alignment of customer education programs


• Energy theft

• A culture of non-payment

01. Focuss

We are focused on improving all aspects of utility companies’ revenue cycle management to optimize revenue growth and profitability. By increasing efficiency, compliance and audit management we improve your financial stability.

With our delivery model and solutions, we assist utilities to:

Design, plan, implement
and optimise their
Revenue Cycle Value Chain
and its Sub-processes:

• Balance energy

• Revenue Losses

• Plan energy loss minimisation

• Schedule energy loss minimisation

• Execute energy loss minimisation

• Evaluate energy loss minimisation

Utility Revenue

We design and execute:

• With contextual understanding of each market, its regulatory framework, the prevailing institution frameworks, our consultants will be able to guide utilities and governments to tailor what is suitable for their markets.