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As the world becomes more dynamic, complex, and data-driven, the utility sector is challenged to adapt or become irrelevant in the energy ecosystem.

Our team of experts work with utilities to help them proactively plan to face these disruptive challenges

The evolution of different maintenance solutions is reshaping the energy sector, with the main objective to ensure asset uptime and increase profitability by avoiding unplanned and unnecessary maintenance in the energy supply chain.

Municipalities have to content with aging infrastructure, planning for new energy infrastructure, adapting to changing maintenance strategies for their asset - all this requires expert skills.

We assist municipalities to tailor solutions for their environment that will enable them to execute reactive and preventive maintenance while planning for more advanced methods like predictive maintenance, where time-based condition monitoring provides many insights into asset behaviour.

Therefore we
assist utilities with:

Alignment (‘line of sight’) of Asset Management strategies, objectives, plans and activities to organisational objectives

Whole life cycle asset management planning and cross-disciplinary collaboration to achieve the best value outcome

Risk management and risk-based decision-making

Stakeholder consultation and management

Competency development and information management

Includes development of asset management strategy, aligned with ISO 55 000. Also covers development of maintenance strategy, maintenance plans, resourcing and KPIs.

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