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Technology advancements in Renewable energy are accelerating the pace of the world’s energy transition goals.

Our consultants guide utilities, companies, industrial sites and residential estates towards suitable solutions for their markets. Our recommendations are based on contextual understanding of each market, its regulatory framework and the prevailing institution frameworks.

African Governments increasingly recognize that underpowered and unequal energy systems are a barrier to developing dynamic economies and more inclusive societies.

Public electric utilities are tasked with a universal service mandate, an obligation to extend and maintain service to all customers in their service territory.

The Challenge:

Millions of Africans live directly beneath existing grid infrastructure without access to energy. Many utilities that are actively trying to connect rural customers, last-mile distribution and rural grid extension face barriers including;

Difficult and expensive grid extensions

Impact on existing system reliability

Line loss rates

The huge scale of Grid infrastructure upgrades

Extensive planning, procurement, and construction phases

Infrastructure precautions like environmental and social impact assessments

All these factors make for expensive budgets and extended project timelines, compounding the economic opportunity cost of access to energy.

We are leaders in designing solutions for communities, industrial zones, commercial estates and other economic zones. Our consultants and technology partners assist governments and utilities to design roadmaps for the integration of DER.

The utility of the future in sub-Saharan Africa will need a suite of innovative, modern legal and policy frameworks to implement an integrated vision.

We help organizations realize the impact of digitized, decarbonized and decentralized technologies on their electrification strategies.