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09. Smart City


A smart city is a large connected system consisting of several sub-systems planned and operated in close communication and coordination among a wide range of stakeholders to realise maximised environmental economic and social sustainability.

A smart city is an urban development vision to integrate multiple information systems to manage a city’s assets. The goal of building a smart city is to improve quality of life and to improve the efficiency of services to meet residents’ needs. This requires careful consideration of multiple economic drivers. Decentralisation and liberalising electricity market creates a firm foundation for a city’s transition.

We help utilities become Smart City enablers with resources skilled to design the utility of tomorrow with strategic roadmaps to shape the townships, municipalities and cities of tomorrow.

With us, you can deploy the right technology solutions to drive efficiency, optimization of resources and profitability. We support organizations to tap into the power of automation, generate rich data and conserve resources through the adoption of technologies such as IoT.

Our Strategy design, road mapping, investment management and execution expertise enable us help utility companies exponentially improve their delivery, transform their business models, while creating entrepreneurial and employment opportunities of youth, women and people living with disabilities.

Smart City

The city of the future is more sustainable, cleaner, safer, and more intelligent than ever before. Fully interconnected cities – so-called “Smart Cities” – offer a wide range of solutions to present-day challenges such as climate change, growing traffic and pollution, or increasing urbanization. The Internet of Things, in particular, plays an essential role as it enables devices, programs, and users to connect and interact with each other.
- Dietmar Kessler, Marketing Director DACH & Italy, Equinix, June 2019

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